Monday, October 25, 2010

Season 2 is on the way!

Happy News!

According to the offical Angel's Friends site we can prepare for a new season!

I translated this blog entry


Sweet Greetings from the land of the Angels! We are all sitting together and celabrating your new school year! Even we are starting a new school year.
A rerun of the fantastic series Angel's Friends will air and we are currently working for you, so that the time between now and season II won't be that long.
It tooks a little more time than expected.
But we will see eachother soon on TV and we are still here with our blog.
Much hugs and kisses form your winged angel to you all!
Raf, Urie, Dolce and Miki

First of all, sorry that I can't translatet it with excact word. The sentences wouldn't make sense anymore and my italian language is not the best. (Google Translator was also a huuuuuuuge help -.-)


  1. Hope it comes soon

    Tnx for putting tis up hope 4 best

  2. wow can't wait. hope it will be aired at my country soon~

  3. i just wanna know y on youtube r not the videos in spanish italian or in english of the 2nd season...y,y,y,y...i cant blive it

  4. when is this second season should come soon cuz i think is only in russian or anyways that lenguage in the youtube eps was OMG im tired of this wait i hope it really come soon in USA...